All You Need To Know About Starting a Podcast

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Whether you are just an individual looking for a lucrative hobby or a business looking to expand its audience, podcasting is a great option. Data suggests that by the end of 2022, the podcasting industry will be worth nearly a billion dollars. Furthermore, by 2024, the number of American podcast listeners is expected to grow by 100 million.

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Starting and running a podcast might seem intimidating to an onlooker. However, it is not as scary as it looks. Here is all you need to know about starting a podcast!

Common Podcast Myths Busted

If you talk about starting a podcast, you will be bombarded with advice and discouragement. There are several myths surrounding podcasting that people believe in and use to discourage others from starting a podcast. Let us put these behind us first before getting into the process of podcasting.

  • Podcasts need to be very long

There is absolutely no truth to this statement. You get to decide how long the content you put out is. The podcast length will depend upon your target audience and the kind of content your produce. You can go in-depth on certain podcasts and keep other shorts if you like. The length of the podcast depends completely upon your preference and judgment.

  • Podcasting doesn’t have a future

If that were the case, Apple and Spotify would not be spending millions on marketing podcasting platforms. According to Statista, the number of American podcast listeners has increased from the previous year and is set to reach 100 million in 2024.

  • It requires expensive equipment and setup

We understand the appeal of a fancy studio and expensive equipment but the idea that it is necessary to start a podcast is false. To start a podcast you can rely on an affordable setup and a creative idea. You can gradually invest in better equipment as you make money from the venture.

Selecting a Niche

Defining your niche and sticking to a broad genre or topic may seem like limiting your content, however, it is quite the opposite. It helps you focus on the particular genre of content and give it your best rather than trying to be the jack of all trades. If you have a niche or topic you feel passionate about, then you should make it the niche you mainly focus on.

Defining an Audience

Once you have selected the niche you plan to make content on, find out your target audience. You need to create a persona for your audience and understand who you are creating the podcast for. Identify how old your listeners are, the gender ratio predominantly when they listen to the podcast, where they reside, etc. This will help you create content catered to their preferences.

Conceptualizing a Podcast

There is a lot of thought and creativity that goes behind producing a podcast. You need to create a script for the podcast before you start filming it. Different people do this in different ways. You can completely script the podcast, which is easy to do if the podcast is short or you can write the broad bullet points and go through them extempore on the point.

Recording and Editing a Podcast

Once you have set up the equipment and written the script, you need to start recording it. It is important to realize that even after writing scripts you may need to rerecord some bits, take breaks in between, and add or subtract points as you go. And that is completely normal! Errors will reduce once you get the hang of it. The episodes need to have witty or unique titles that perfectly encompass the content of the episode.

Furthermore, you will also need to write podcast and episode descriptions. The podcast description will briefly explain the nature of the podcast and the content. The episode description will give an overview of the episode and what is discussed in it.

Marketing and Promotions

Make sure to cross-promote your podcast across social media platforms. The podcast needs to have a page that posts consistent updates of the podcast. You need to put up teasers of upcoming content or behind-the-screen sneak peeks. You can post about the guests you have invited. This will help build momentum and increase engagement.

Bottom Line

Starting a podcast may seem scary if you do not know where to begin. You will receive discouragement and hear many myths about podcasting that simply are not true. Whether you want to start a podcast for fun or as a business venture, it can be incredibly fruitful. We hope this post provided you with the information you were looking for and some encouragement. Happy podcasting!