Where to Find All the Wine You Could Possibly Drink in London

    quench your thirst

    If you love wine, London has more than enough to quench your thirst. However, you must know where to look or go for the endless supply of quality wine. The city is full of wine bars and other interesting places serving wine on end. Matter of fact, wine drinking is now part of the pub culture and has a good following.

    This article will take you through these cosy wine-filled premises—perfect for a romantic date, business meetup, or friendly hangout. Read on to find out

    10 Best Wine Bars in London
    1. Gordon’s Wine Bar

    Gordon’s wine bar has been helping to quench Londoner’s insatiable thirst for good wine since 1890. It’s the oldest wine bar in the city, therefore, expect to get some of the rarest classics and a broad range of new grape juices. They have something for everyone, including a bold menu offering cheese and charcuterie.

    You can opt to sit in the outdoor sitting area or the candlelit underground cellars. The latter being more beautiful, unique, and inviting—perfect for a magical wine-drinking experience.

    2. The Black Book

    The Black Book is a basement wine bar in Soho. It’s renowned for stocking rare wines, which they serve by the glass, carafe, and bottle until late into the night. Also, they host wine tastings that you can book with friends to enjoy some of their best wines. The booking comes complete with a personal sommelier to school you on the different types of wine.

    3. Oeno

    Oeno is where oenophiles meet to do everything wine-related. Discussing different wine bottles with Oeno’s in-house sommeliers, sampling some of their 700+ bottles, buying a bottle, enjoying your favourite vino with friends, you name it. They have a nice courtyard where you can imbibe as you enjoy the sun rays and views of the sunset.

    4. Sager + Wilde

    When you go to 193, Hackney road, you’’l find the Sager & Wilde wine bar with its bright and airy atmosphere and eye-catching interiors. It houses a wide selection of vintage and new-age wines and serves them by the bottle or glass.

    This is one of the few places to go if you’re looking for rare wines served by-the-glass at reasonable prices. Be it West Coast U.S wines, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, or Spanish classics.

    Check the sweet nibbles on their shifting food menu if you need something to eat. The favourite options include truffle, burrata, charcuterie, pecorino nuts, and a grilled cheese sandwich.

    5. Vagabond

    It’s hard to mention the wine bar scene in London and not talk about the Vagabond. It started as a small shop in Fulham in 2010, then grew slowly to be a favourite among many wine lovers, with 6 branches across the city. It even has its urban winery in Battersea Power Station. Hence, you can expect a variety of wine bottles, with hundreds sold by-the-glass.

    Unlike other wine bars, Vagabond provides clients with a self-service top-up wine card that allows them to sample various vino without any limits. They’ll even give you tasting notes to take home.

    6. Planet of Grapes

    As its name suggests, this wine bar/wine shop is indeed a grape juice planet. With its 450+ bottles on sale, you’re sure to enjoy a variety of wine classics to your fill. Even better, the place features a cosy and relaxing ambience ideal for wine-drinking dates or hangouts. They even have plates of meat and cheese.

    7. Newcomer Wines

    Newcomers wines focus exclusively on wine varieties from Austria. So, if you crave or wish to sample quality wines from the Eastern Alps, this is the go-to wine bar. Their wine list comprises over 250 bottles that you can either take away or drink from the premises. However, you should note that they change the by-the-glass options daily.

    The food menu options are either charcuterie or cheese with bread and pickles. However, they’re trying to incorporate heavier dinner meals, so ensure you ask if they have other meals.

    8. Bottles

    Bottles wine bar features on this list simply because it focuses on Italian wine. And, it goes without saying that Italians know how to get things right. To start with, their many eponymous bottles are sourced directly from independent producers and small-scale vineyards.

    Secondly, their sommeliers are professional, friendly, and have a rich knowledge of grape juices. You can trust them to recommend the perfect vino for the occasion. The wine is served by-the-glass.

    Thirdly, Bottles has partnered with a Southern Italian restaurant to customise its food menu and include different wine-friendly plate servings. Lastly, the space’s warm and calming atmosphere makes every sip enjoyable.

    9. The Remedy

    A glass or two (maybe a bottle) of wine can help remedy the undoings of a long and tiring day, no? Well, you should drop by the Remedy to find out. The place is full of unique little-known wines from all over the world. It provides an adventurous journey of savouring odd wine flavours.

    The wine geeks doubling up as waitstaff will take you through the grape discovery experience and recommend the best options. Starting with by-the-glass wines for the day, that they write on a blackboard. There’re lots of orange wines on the wine menu, so take full advantage and indulge yourself.

    By the time you’re done, your grapes game will be significantly better than when you walked into the Remedy.

    10. Porte Noir

    Porte Noir is the brainchild of Idris Elba. He has gone all out to ensure its collection of wine bottles is enough to meet the diverse wine needs and preferences of oenophiles in London. Located in King’s cross, Porte Noir has 800 different wine bins, features a 70-cover bar and an outdoor space, and offers a full french menu.


    There you have it, the best places to enjoy an endless supply of fine wine in London. Try them out and let us know how it goes.