Another Vacation in the Bank


The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I got back from our vacation late Tuesday afternoon.

I’m not one for getaways, yet this one was unique. Our grand son who lives in Ohio was graduating from high school and after that this summertime he would be avoiding to London for some soccer group. He likes soccer.

This is the second of our grandchildren to finish from senior high school. I would not state this to everybody but, this year is the 50th wedding anniversary of my graduation from senior high school. I can not think it has been that long. I must have dropped off to sleep for a number of years without waking up.

To see a grand son grad from secondary school and after that take a look at my graduation image half a century ago I was astonished. Exactly how can he be as old as I was? What he does not recognize is that one day he will be as old as I am. I will not be the one to inform him that.

We invested the whole week with the family members there that we have actually not seen for several years. It was such a wonderful time.

My passions in life have never consisted of holidays. A vacation is where you go, but don’t do anything. I do not such as that. It is not that I’m a workaholic; I such as to work at all times. When on vacation, I waste time since I’m not functioning. I like to arrange my day around my job tasks.

There are no work projects on vacation. At least, that’s what my partner says, and she would certainly never exist to me.

I such as to keep track of my time as much as feasible. When house as well as operating at the office, I am in control of my time. That is when I am the happiest.

Currently, when on vacation, I have no control of my time. The word vacation implies to leave and also I am not quite sure what I am abandoning. I guess something I am abandoning is time.

When I was residence functioning I noticed there are 7 days of the week. One week equates to 7 days, each week, of monthly, of yearly. Yet, when on vacation, particularly the one I was just on, there appears to be just three days because week. What is the story behind all that?

It takes 2 days to drive there and after that 2 days to drive back house. Between are only 3 days left! Exactly how can you enjoy a week’s vacation in only three days? Something is wrong below.