The Most Adventurous Things to Do In and Around Perth


Planning a trip to Perth and looking for the most adventurous things to do in and around the area? You should know that Perth offers a beautiful climate and a virtually endless list of things to see and do. Nearly all adventurous spots can be accessed by foot and those that cannot can be easily accessed by car if necessary.

Whether you want to surf in the Indian Ocean, encounter wildlife, climb down Green Mount Quarry, fly over the woodlands high above the trees, coaster at Canal Rocks, or cycle through Margaret River, there’s bound to be an activity that suits you in and around Perth.

What are you holding out for? Gather a bunch of friends, pack your luggage, and go explore some of the adventurous activities that Perth has to offer below.

Adventure Rottnest

The beauty of Rottnest Island lies in its natural landscape. It attracts tourists and locals because of its stunning scenery, charming flora, and adorable mini marsupials. Not exaggerating, but, naturalists will be in heaven at this place. Indeed, Rottnest Island has so much more to offer than just a beach.

There are multiple great adventure activities on Rottnest Island, such as surfing, snorkeling, fishing, and wildlife encounters. Besides these activities, you can skydive over the island or explore the land at your leisure in the afternoon.

Furthermore, Rottnest Island is an excellent site to see migrating humpback whales and troll the rugged coastline.

Mountain Bike Tour

Perth is home to a wide variety of mountain biking experiences. In particular, if you’re an avid biker, some of Perth’s bike tours will be a great fit for you and your family.

Perth and its surrounding areas are becoming a mountain biking hotspot, with numerous biking trails to explore within a few hours of the city. The fact that you can explore many of Perth’s beautiful roads, mountains, and natural scenery on two wheels makes this a perfect destination for those who are looking to add a little excitement to their trip.

However, the weather in Perth is a critical factor to consider as the summers can be overwhelmingly hot so you’ll want to prepare by packing plenty of water.

Underwater Adventures

When it comes to water based activities in Perth, visitors have many opportunities. Perth’s west coast is the place to a variety of marine parks and islands.

The best places in Perth to witness the underwater kingdom are Rottnest Island, Mindarie Marina, Fremantle, Mandurah, and Hillarys Boat Harbor.

The water temperature on Perth’s Island is always a few degrees higher than on the mainland. Visitors may enjoy submarine diving, snorkeling routes, deep-sea fishing, whale watching, and much more. Sunset Coast has crystal-clear blue water and a coral reef where you can swim.

You can also get a close-up encounter with penguins, dolphins, turtles, and even sharks in Perth’s water parks.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Besides skydiving and helicopter tours, Perth also offers hot air balloon rides for those who aren’t afraid of heights. A relaxing hot air balloon ride could be a fantastic alternative to visitors who aren’t keen to jump out of an airplane. Hot air balloon rides usually last approximately 45 to 60 minutes and will give you a brand new perspective of how Perth is viewed from above.

During the summer, this activity is suspended due to the heat and the wind that Perth receives. In other words, it’s best to take a hot air balloon ride in Perth anytime between April and late November.

Limestone Caving

Perth’s national parks are absolutely stunning to say the least. For example, Yanchep National Park is notable for its public quarry. It has been called a “jeweled city” because of the elaborate natural formations of stalagmites, helictites, stalactites, and columns.

Crystal cave offers a variety of activities, including cave tours, gem panning, wetlands exploration, and Aboriginal cultural experiences. If you plan to participate in any caving activity, make sure to wear long sleeves, long trousers, and covered shoes.

When you’re in Perth, we recommend checking out the crystal cave. It is one of the unique things you can do while in Australia.

Scenic Helicopter Tour

Helicopter flights or scenic flights are a must-to-do while in Perth. If you don’t experience the beauty of Perth from the skies, you’re making a big mistake. A flight over the landscapes of Western Australia is the finest way to properly appreciate their beauty and diversity.

A scenic trip in a helicopter or small plane will not only provide you with spectacular views of the coastline and ancient rock formations, but it will also transport you to some of the most stunning sites, such as thunderous waterfalls and unknown spectacular spots.

Daring Rides At Adventure World

Adventure World’s rides are the ultimate thrill, joy, and excitement in West Australia. Abyss, Free-fall, Bounty’s Revenge, and Black Window will have you screaming at the top of your lungs, while Tunnel of Terror will have you trembling in fear! These types of rides are among the top things to do in Perth for both adults and kids.


Kayaking is a popular water sport in Perth, alongside surfing and diving. During the summer months, it attracts locals and tourists alike to the wild waters of the Mandurah Canal, North Fremantle, Kalbarri National Park, Penguin Island, Peppermint Grove, and Rockingham.

Kayaking is permitted in most natural and man-made canals in Perth, resulting in distinct coastal views. Kayaking across Ascot Waters will take you through lovely homes, peaceful residential neighborhoods, herons, and pelicans.

You can witness wonderful views of the metropolis when kayaking on the South Perth canal, while you can get to popular pubs and restaurants when kayaking on the North Fremantle canal. Moreover, Kayaking alongside dolphins is available on the Mandurah Canal, notably popular for dolphin canal cruises.


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