Some of the Mysteries and Secrets that Surround Vatican City


Vatican City is famous for many things from ancient times. It is an independent state that serves as the administrative and spiritual centre of the Roman Catholic Church. It is located at the heart of Rome and is famous for its unparalleled allure.

For thousands of years, this city is known for its secrecy, power, and faith and attracts millions of tourists throughout the year.

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The thousands of years of history in this place have led to the accumulation of many untold stories about it over time.

Here are some for you.

· The Secret Archives

Vatican City holds many documents and records that have been handed over for thousands of generations, and these are off-limits for the public eye.

· The Quest for the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail has profound significance in the book of history. Vatican City is believed to be holding the hidden knowledge and clues required to go on a quest to unravel everything about this Holy Grail.

· Roots of Pagan History

Vatican City is believed to be one of the many places that flourished even before the Christian era. This fact is backed by the remnants of pagan cemetery found in the tombs right under St. Peter’s Basilica.

· The Beautiful Museums

Historical studies have revealed that the first mention of Vatican Museums was found in the 1500s when the Pope purchased a marble sculpture. Over the years, many Popes have shown interest in the sculptures that are preserved in these museums.

· The Treasures of Knights Templar

The walls that line the Vatican Cities are believed to be home to some treasures of Knights Templars.

· House of Maps

Many historical buildings have wall decor lined up throughout the corridors. If you have a closer view, then you might notice some information about many things that once flourished in Vatican City.

· The Vanishing Obelisks

Many architects are astonished by the fact of vanishing obelisks. These structures cannot be seen when you try to view them from particular angles.

· Combination of Multiple Sources

Some of the architecture present in the Vatican museums is a blend of both the Egyptian and Gregorian Era. It is believed that the Romans were once fascinated by the Egyptian art, and the result was these pieces.

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