A Weekend Guide to Cebu, Philippines


Cebu is nothing short of a breathtaking destination waiting to be explored. Being one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines, Cebu certainly lives up to its reputation. From heaven-like beaches and enchanted forests to luxurious accommodations and incredible food, there is never an end to fun things you can do. History enthusiasts have plenty of sites to explore, meanwhile water lovers can enjoy a ton of water sports.

Here for the food? Cebu boasts a unique Filipino cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds. It’s hard to find excuses to not visit the place. If you are already planning to fly into Cebu, read on and take notes on how you can maximize your experience while in the city.

Best Time to Visit

Depending on what you enjoy doing, you may want to adjust your calendar accordingly. If you love crowds and festivals, join the world-famous Sinulog Festival that takes place yearly in January. The festival has a religious significance and holds a dear place in the hearts of the Filipinos. Be sure to tune in to the fun and enjoy the street parties that take place during the time of the festival.

You may also want to keep the weather in mind when planning your trip. If you are from Canada, you will appreciate the warm, tropical weather of Cebu. Join Cathay Pacific on a trip from Melbourne to Cebu and enjoy the best that Cebu has to offer.

Although the weather stays pleasantly warm throughout the year, you may want to avoid the rainy months from June to October. Nevertheless, tourists also love the monsoon season and explore the forests and natural sites in the beautiful weather.

Where to Live

Finding accommodations in Cebu is not a difficult task. However, you must know what you want before you start searching for suitable lodgings. Cebu has over 150 unique islands each of which offers surreal beauty and incredible views. Thus, it is not unusual to book a resort on the beach to get the most out of your trip.

Since you will be landing at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, you may want to book a resort on the same island. You can also choose from dozens of hotels on the island depending on your needs.

When choosing a place to stay make sure it’s close to the areas you would like to travel to to avoid needless transportation costs.

How to Explore Cebu

If you plan on fully experiencing the culture of Cebu be ready to ride the popular Jeepneys. Jeepney is the main vehicle in the Philippines and is the most reliable. The vehicles travel on pre-set routes so make sure you get there in time.

You can also rent a car so you can travel at your own pace. Renting a car is not that difficult and you can find many places that offer great vehicles. Alternatively, you can use apps like Angkas and Grab which is the Uber equivalent in the Philippines. You can get both car and bike rides around the city.

To travel between towns, you may sometimes need to head over to the South or North bus terminal depending on where you want to go. Needless to say, traveling around Cebu is not a tough task and you will enjoy riding these odd vehicles to get the most authentic experience. Remember you can always rent a car or SUV if you wish.

What to Do in Cebu

There are dozens of things you can do in Cebu without getting bored. While we can write entire essays describing the must-visit places in Cebu, that will be beyond the scope of this article. We can, however, suggest some cool places that should top your priority list. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Explore the Beautiful Bantayan Island

Bantayan island is hands-down one of the most diverse and naturally blessed islands in the Philippines. Upon first look, the island seems a bit underwhelming, however, you will soon realize why the place made this list.

One of the best things about the island is that it is not overly crowded. Unlike other top spots, it is much more peaceful here. Furthermore, you can experience a ton of beautiful beaches in every nook and corner.

You will witness pearly-white beaches, turquoise waters, cave pools, and lagoons. The sunsets are exhilarating and your soul will feel truly revitalized at the end of the day.

Panoramic Views at Sirao Garden

If you want to be close to nature and enter a realm cut off from the noise of the city, then you should visit Sirao Garden. The garden came into being after attracting a lot of attention from the locals who loved the celosia flowers that were planted to be sold.

The flowers were never harvested and instead, the place became a full-fledged garden. Today you will find many different flower species including sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and asters giving the garden a multi-colored, gorgeous look.

There are also several Dutch windmills lining the place, making it even more picturesque.

Climb the Ancient Cebu Taoist Temple

Cebu Taoist Temple inspired by the Great Wall of China was built to honor the Chinese Philosopher Lao Zi. 81 steps lead to the gates of the temple referencing the 81 chapters of the Taoist religious scripture.

The temple is open to visitors who travel to explore the multi-level structure while paying respect to the religion of Taoism. You can witness some great views of Cebu from a raised platform on the temple.

The worshippers can be seen walking around the temple, burning joss sticks, having their fortune told, and performing rituals.

Final Thoughts

Cebu is known for its religious and historical sites, natural reserves, and pristine beaches. It’s a place that is often overlooked when planning a holiday trip. However, that makes it all the more appealing.

It is the perfect place to be close to nature without having to face crowds of people. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now and head over to this beautiful city.