Things to Explore During Indore to Bhopal Road Trip


Road trips are always fun, as you can design your adventure throughout the journey. You never know when you will get to see a lovely roadside waterfall or lush valleys. Indore to Bhopal is one must-try road trip once in your lifetime. Starting from one historical place to another, there are many new things to do to make your trip more exciting. The roadway passes through the Deccan Plateau, where you can enjoy the fascinating beauty of the Deccan terrain, sandstone and granite mountains, and adventurous ghats.

Madhya Pradesh is a state of hidden wonders. On the one hand, the state has a lot of historical places, temples, palaces, and museums. On the other hand, it is covered with green forests, mountains, and wildlife sanctuaries. Indore and Bhopal are two major cities of Madhya Pradesh, and the roadway from Indore to Bhopal covers a lot of fascinating places. Hiring an Indore to Bhopal Taxi will make your journey more comfortable!

Road Trip from Indore to Bhopal

Indore to Bhopal road trip is a great option for a weekend getaway if you want a quick, chilling road trip of almost 190 km. While travelling from Indore to Bhopal via road, the route passes through Dewas, taking up to 4 hours to reach the destination. On your way from Indore to Bhopal, you will come across many beautiful stops. Therefore, to help you, we have curated a list of stops and things to do during your road trip from Indore to Bhopal.

Places to Visit on the Way

  1. Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary

Kehoni Wildlife Sanctuary is a reserved forest located in Dewas. If you love adventure, you can opt for trekking or a quick jungle safari. Here you get a chance to witness different species of wild cats. You can also spot tigers, leopards, and rare honey badgers here.

  1. Maa Chamunda Tekri

Maa Chamunda Tekri is a sacred temple located on the hilltop of Dewas. The temple offers an eye-catching view of beautiful green trees. It is one of the most famous shrine places of the goddess Chamunda Devi. It is the must-visit place during Chaitra Navratri.

  1. Killa Mandir

Killa Mandir is another sacred historical temple located on the hilltop of Ashta, where you can enjoy the rock-solid view and beautiful landscape.

  1. Delawadi Jungle Camp

If you would rather go for a quick adventure than a trek or jungle safari, Delwadi Jungle Camp is the perfect place. It is located on Sehore and is filled with astounding scenery. It is the best destination for ecotourism during your journey, especially famous for trekking, camping, and bird watching.

  1. Ujjain

While on your road trip from Indore to Bhopal, you will come across the ancient city of Ujjain. This place is considered one of India’s most important Hindu pilgrim places, mostly famous for its Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple. This temple must be on your bucket list.

  1. Saru Maru Caves

If you like to visit old monuments and archaeological sites, Saru Maru Caves, located on Sehore, is the best place to rest and take nature in. It contains several stupas and natural caves of Buddhist monks. Hence, if Buddhism interests you, this is a must-visit spot.

  1. Birla Mandir (Lakshmi Narayana Temple)

Once you reach Bhopal, don’t forget to visit the Lakshmi Narayana Temple, also known as Birla Mandir. The temple is located on the hilltop of the Arena Hills in Bhopal. It was built by the famous Birla group and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. Highway Treat

It is one of the most popular eateries on this route, serving multiple cuisines and snacks alongside the highway in Dodi. Highway Treat is the best place to refresh and fuel your journey. This restaurant is located on the way and is very well maintained.

Once you reach Bhopal, don’t forget to taste the famous teas, Poha, Jalebi, Barfi, Rasmalai, Mutton Paya soup, kebabs, and tandoori items. Not only that, the city also offers souvenirs and gifts to shop for, such as varieties of sarees, artwork, apparel, and accessories.

When Is the Best Time for Indore to Bhopal Road Trip?

The state of Madhya Pradesh has a subtropical climate. Hence, the summers here are pretty hot. Thus, the crisp and calm winter is the most suitable period to take a road trip from Indore to Bhopal. This makes your travel and stops for sightseeing easier while making your entire journey more comfortable. During winter, you will have a pleasurable experience travelling through the Deccan plateau and exploring enchanting tourist spots.

Backpacking Tips for Your Road Trip

  • Always carry a first-aid kit and all necessary medications.
  • Carry some plastic bags to pack your wet clothes or towels.
  • Make sure to carry a pair of sneakers, sports shoes, and flip-flops.
  • Carry some snacks and soft drinks.
  • Create a playlist of your favourite songs.
  • Water bottles are a must during a road trip.
  • Always make sure to carry extra napkins and tissue paper.
  • Carry a car sanitising spray and car aerosol sprays.
  • You can also carry a power bank to keep your mobile fully charged throughout the journey.
  • To relax during your trip, carry a pillow and a blanket.

Wrapping Up

The state of Madhya Pradesh is well known for its historical belongings and natural landscapes, making road trips here thrilling and exciting. Indore to Bhopal is one of the most interesting road trips in Madhya Pradesh. Imagine heading out on the adventurous roads of Indore to Bhopal while listening to your favourite music and enjoying refreshing beverages with your loved ones. Planning a road trip here is one of the fun ways to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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